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"Jacqui is an exceptional healer who embodies kindness, warmth, and an open heart. As a counselor, she approaches her work with empathy and compassion, creating a safe space for clients. I wholeheartedly endorse her services." - Riti Batra, RTC

"Jacqui is a holistic and dynamic professional, who uses a variety of techniques to support people of all walks of life. Her warmth and kindness is incredible and felt when in her presence." - Suneeta Johnson, RCC, MC, BA CYCC

"Jacqui is a kind and compassionate counsellor who takes great pride in connecting with all of her clients. In addition to being a counsellor, Jacqui is a Reiki practitioner. I highly recommend Jacqui and her services." - Dr. Shaista Kaba Fatehali, PhD, MA, BA, BEd, RTC

"Jacqui is passionate about her work as a counsellor and cares deeply for her clients. She is present, authentic and eclectic in her practice. I highly recommend her services." - Mojdeh Rameshni, MA, RCC

"Jacqui is a lovely and wise soul with international life experience that turns her approach to an understanding of self-discovery through compassion. I highly recommend her unique and genuine therapeutic intervention." - Carla Carvalho, MA, RCC

"Jacqui offers a kind, gentle approach and provides a safe space for those seeking support and guidance. Highly recommend her services." - Heather Nyberg, MA, RCC

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