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I help clients who:

are feeling like they’ve lost their spark

are feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, stuck in their lives

are going through a life transition and struggling with change

are coping with sadness, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief and loss

are struggling with parenting

are feeling as if life is passing them by

are searching for healing and unity of Mind, Body, and Spirit

are having a difficult time finding their identity as a mother, wife and individual

want to understand themselves better; to improve their relationships with others and self

are looking for spiritual growth and a deeper connection to Self, Soul, and the Universe

heart and soul counselling services langley port coquitlam

Individual Counselling:
Adults (English / French)
New clients welcome.

Individual counselling sessions are an ideal place to vent, explore, process, share, learn, heal, grow, and so much more.

I strive to provide a safe, gentle space where you can do this without judgement or expectation.

When appropriate, the following practices may be used during your counselling appointment with your informed consent: coaching, meditation, mindfulness, movement,  breathwork, visualization, energy healing, somatic practices.

heart and soul counselling port coquitlam logo

Events &

I am passionate about connecting with our community and frequently host counselling and healing-related events and workshops. 

Follow me on social media or sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date with offerings.


In addition to being a professional counsellor, Jacqui is also a Healing Arts Practitioner. Modalities in her practice include:

Clinical Reflexology, Reiki (master teacher), Access Bars and Ayurvedic Head Massage. 

More information can be found on Jacqui's Healing Arts website:

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